Mission To Feed The World Sustainably

Mission To Feed The World Sustainably

In order to feed the ever-increasing population of the world we live in, there is a continuous pressure on the fertilizer manufacturers to improve the efficiency of fertilizers and gain higher crop yields. More and more fertilizers are being used on every hectare of cultivable land to produce more grains. The experts at NAQ GLOBAL think that there is a need not only of more efficient fertilizer but also of fertilizer with the properties of biodegradability and environmental friendliness. NAQ has an excellent team of dedicated professionals to delve into and solve the problems being faced by the customers. This is the reason why so many internationally operating fertilizer giants have approached NAQ GLOBAL for the legendary products with many also inviting NAQ to work as partners and provide these products for a long term.

Go Green with NAQ Global

NAQ Global, a pioneer in Green Technology marks a transition in the industry of fertilizer additives.

Technical Expertise

Our technical Service teams consist of experts who are responsible to take care of fertilizer plants in different countries.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer’s Satisfaction comes first in our mission. NAQ Global’s Product and Services are designed in a way which ensures customer’s success.

  • Pre Product development

    We place a special emphasis on our quality control. By using experience of marketing and technical services team, new products are developed for unique issues faced by fertilizer plants.

    During the process

    Hygroscopicity, crushing strength, dust formation or foam generation - any issue related to improvement of fertilizer quality is taken as task to solve the problem in most economical way, and product is developed accordingly.

    Post development of the product

    Once the product is developed and tested in plant, our in house quality control systems are in place to maintain the quality of products from its production till packing and dispatch to the customers so that customers get products with quality unaltered during course of time.

  • Location We have our marketing & technical services offices in various countries so that any after-sales service required can be provided to the customers at the shortest possible notice.

  • Best of products may fail, if not properly applied. NAQ Gobal assures customer that we are there to provide solutions, not just the product to them.

    To provide the maximum efficiency of our products, we depute our team of engineers along with necessary equipments for precise application of our quality products.

    This ensures the results desired after application of the suggested products.

    NAQ Global have trained team of engineers, which takes care of

    • Instrumentation
    • Equipment,
    • Proper storage and
    • Application of products at site.
    • We provide training to the executives from the customer side to use the system efficiently and effectively.