Technical Services

Technical Services

Technical Services are integral part of NAQ GLOBAL’s Fertilizer Quality Improvement Package provided to the fertilizer industry across the world. For any long term contract, we assure our customer that we will provide complete solution to their plant. We believe that best of products may fail, if not properly applied. We have our marketing & technical services offices in all countries where our products are used in bulk, so that required services may be provided to the customers at the shortest possible notice. NAQ GLOBAL is committed for customer care on 24 x 7 basis. Technical Experts at NAQ GLOBAL are always just a phone call/email away to understand and solve any problem related to Fertilizer Quality Improvement.

  • Our Technical Services department has immense experience in providing the appropriate equipment and instruments necessary for smooth operations for fertilizer quality improvement. Our engineers analyze and evaluate the existing operations and develop detailed plans and drawings for a smooth transition to creating better quality fertilizer, innovatively and cost-effectively. We not only provide you the ideal equipment for product application but also provide the necessary instruments to evaluate performance and witness real results.

  • At NAQ Global we offer our customers a wide range of equipment and inventories for their convenience for better usage of products.
    We provide complete dosing systems for product application. These dosing systems are tailor-made for plant applications and are optimized for the products to get the best results. To use our systems effectively, we not only provide the necessary support but also train the plant operators for long-term usage and results.
  • In an industry as dynamic as the global fertilizer industry, norms, issues, quality, and quantity measures keep on changing with new innovations and developments.

    NAQ Global makes sure our customers get solutions to these dynamic issues. Research and Development Center of Naq Global Brazil with fertilizer testing and quality control laboratories is certified by IFDC (USA).

    Using the experience of the marketing and technical services teams, new products are developed for unique issues faced by fertilizer plants. These products are also continuously fine-tuned in our Centralized R&D center for better results.

    The best solution today may not be the best solution tomorrow as the fertilizer industry is an extremely dynamic industry. So at NAQ Global, we provide the best eco-friendly formulations to meet your needs.

    Post customizing the product for our customers we make sure the quality and anticipated performance of the outcomes in our well-equipped industry-standard laboratories. All tests related to the reduction of dust (dust tower), anticaking (long-term or immediate humidity), strength, free water, micronutrients, flotation, etc. are run in the R&D center.