Filter Aid Powder

Filter Aid Powder

The services are an integral part of the NAQ global fertilizer quality improvement package provided to the fertilizer industry worldwide. We provide filter aid powder at the best price all over the world. Filter aids are used in challenging filtration processes to separate solids from liquids using a porous medium that allows liquids to pass through while confining solids. Filter aid manufacturers use filter aids in conjunction with powder filters, diatomaceous earth (DE), and perlite.

NAQ Global offers a range of filter aids powder used in an array of industrial applications. Filter Aids are designed to capture fine solids that even flow through the filter cloth. Often in some processes, the solids will create thin impermeable coatings over the filter medium and hinder the filtration rate to relatively low. The filter aid pre-treatment enhances filtration properties and efficiencies in removing fine solids. We are a leading manufacturer of filter aid powders used in different industry verticals, including filtration agents, paints, plastic, paper, rubber, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, and catalysts.

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We are trusted and well-known filter aid suppliers in India who can assist you in matching the best Filter Aid as per your industry requirements and applications. To provide the required services to the customers at the shortest possible notice, we have our marketing and technical service offices in all the countries where our products are used in bulk. Customer satisfaction comes first in our mission. Our products and services are designed to ensure customer success.

We are the leading filter aid powder suppliers of different filter aids at best price such as - Diatomite, perlite, and cellulose that are most used in the industry. Each of the filter aids varies in size, ranging from 5µm to 100µm, designed for optimum throughput and helps achieve maximum product performance. Our engineers would understand unique filtration aid needs and production needs and would tailor solutions that would best fit your solutions. We have been manufacturing filters for most industries designed to meet food processing, biotech, pharma, and other airflow and efficiency.

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