Why Join Us


Learning something new each day means you keep growing every day! At NAQ Global, employees get to wear many hats to gain different skill sets. This helps them develop at personal and professional levels.


NAQ Global encourages employees to share their ideas and take initiative to help the company gain success.

As NAQ Global is an MNC, employees get to interact and work with people from all over the world. Global exposure and opportunities are given to work abroad for eligible employees.


At NAQ Global, employees enjoy the opportunity to be in direct contact with the highest levels of management. Employees work with many talented and experienced people who can guide them in career development. Internal transfers and promotions are given the highest priority when filling up a vacant or new position within the company.


Informal management style promotes simple and direct relationships between employees of the company. The friendly environment fosters a proximity mindset where one can easily discuss and network with all no matter their position in the company.


As NAQ Global is revolutionizing the industry with Green Technology, the company incorporates massive growth opportunities for its internal or external customers.