Process Additives For Mining

Soaring energy rates, stricter environmental and safety regulations, and the depletion of natural resources have presented new challenges to the mining industry that must optimize its operations by producing maximum output sustainably and cost-effectively. NAQ offers a wide range of customized mining products depending on the ore and process to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Mining Chemical Additives and Agents

Product Types Products / Applications
Better Water Quality And Clarity Flocculants
Optimum pH Control And Surface Preparation pH Conditioner
Faster Thickening, Higher Percent Solids Settling Agents/Mud Thickeners
Dispersants For Desliming And Scrubbing Deslimer / Sparklers
Better Slurry Handling By Lowering Viscosity Rheology Modifiers
Silica Specific Amine-Based Collectors Silica Collectors
Primary/Secondary/Reverse Beneficiation/Mineral Flotation Vegetable Fatty Acid Collectors
Optimum Bubble Type For Coarser Flotation Frothers / Foaming Agents

Mining Products