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Dust Suppressor & Binders

To suppress the dust generated during and after granulation in fertilizers creates a problem in the plant as well as in the storage department. So, NAQ Global offers an anti dust agent and fertilizer coating material to overcome the problems generated due to dust generation

  • GREENCOAT 5000 Series: these are tailor made dust suppressors to control the dust generated during fertilizer production.
  • GREENCOAT (P): Suppressor used during Rock Phosphate handling.
  • GREENCOAT (S): Suppressor for sulphur handling.
  • GREENBIND Series: A dust suppressor which can be used as a micronutrient binder.
  • GREENOIL Series: Anti-dusting and coloring aid for fertilizers.

These dust binder grades of GREEN COAT are coated over fertilizer granules so that any free dust is stuck to the surface of granules and does not get carried away with the wind.  In case it is required to add some micronutrients also, these binders are added with Micro Nutrient powder in the desired ratio to be coated over fertilizer granules. These dust binder grades of GREEN COAT are usually highly viscous to keep the fertilizer/micronutrient fine particles stuck to parent granules even during long and numerous transit systems.