NAQ GLOBAL COMPANIES is a Multinational Organization led by visionary - Mr. Avdhesh Mathur, a technocrat in the field of studying & understanding problems of fertilizer quality improvement industry and providing latest technology & cost effective solutions. His experience in the field for over 20 years and his commitment for quality, green technology & team development,...


NAQ Global aims at providing best technical solutions for fertilizer process & quality improvement. Our R&D works to develop innovative technologies & products for all such processes, trouble shooting, efficiency improvement & cost reduction in the fertilizer industry. Environment friendliness, green (vegetable) sources, & safety concerns are unique characteristics of NAQ Global’s products.
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Mr. Avdhesh Mathur, President and CEO
Mechanical Engineer

Who are we?

NAQ GLOBAL is a Multinational Organization which provides specialized products & expert technical services for fertilizer quality improvement and has steadily and rapidly be...

What do we do?

NAQ GLOBAL works exclusively with Green Technology Products for Fertilizer Quality Improvement. To cater to the fertilizer plants across the globe with our quality products, we ...

How do we do it?

Naq Global Companies studied the fertilizer plants requirements, problems, and areas of improvement. We planned the research, chose the right place, persons and path to move ahe ...

A hight level Quality Control in compliance with National and International regulations and standards

Services are integral part of NAQ GLOBAL’s Fertilizer Quality Improvement Package provided to the fertilizer industry across the world.We have our marketing & technical services offices in all countries where our products are used in bulk, so that required services may be provided to the customers at the shortest possible notice.Customer’s Satisfaction comes first in our mission. NAQ Global’s Product and Services are designed in a way which ensures customer’s success.